Ukulele Resources

  • In September, each class will begin learning and reviewing how to play the ukulele.  We are focusing on strumming with the right hand and chord placement in the left hand to accompany our singing.  There are lots of ukulele play- alongs on YouTube.  I'll post some here that will work the chords we are learning.  If there are certain songs you are interested in, let me know!


    Below are chords we have been and will be learning in music class.



ukulele chords

ukulele chords
  • Buying a ukulele? Here are some things to know:

    • Good ukuleles usually cost between $50 and $70
    • Kala, Makala, and Luna Ukes are trusted brands
    • fiberglass and wood basically sound the same, so either will be good quality in that price range.


    If you buy a brand new ukulele, be careful when tuning it! If you try to stretch the strings too quickly they will break.  Don't be discouraged if your ukulele goes out of tune quickly at first.  The strings are tight at first and will eventually stretch out and stay in tune.  You can get a free tuning app.  I use an app called Pano Tuner.  If you are purchasing a new ukulele, it may come with material to help you know how to tune.  If you are getting a ukulele second hand, below is a tutorial on how to tune a ukulele.  This link will take you to youtube, so make sure that's okay with your parent first.

    If you don't have a clip on tuner like she has in the video, you can always download and app to use on your smart phone or device.  Some that I suggest are: PanoTuner or Tuner Lite.  They are others, but those are two free ones I have used.  

    "Bernadette Teaches Music" on YouTube has good tutorials for learning ukulele.


    Feel free to email me if you have any questions!