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    Pre-registration for 2019-2020 8th Grade (This Year's 7th grade)

    2019-2020 8th Graders


    Pre-registration for 2019-2020 7th Grade (This Year's 6th grade)

    2019-2020 7th Graders


    Pre-registration for 2019-2020 6th Grade (This Year's 5th grade)

    2019-2020 6th Graders


    Secondary Course Guide for 2019-2020 class offerings at Pearl High School

    The Navigator - PPSD Secondary Curriculum Guide

    Please peruse The Navigator to prepare for pre-registration.




    If you would like to purchase a t-shirt to support Autism Awareness,

    click the link below to access the order form.

    Autism Awareness T-shirt Order Form


    Student Arrival

    Parents, please be reminded that unless students are assigned to a Zero Period or a previously approved activity, they should not be on campus prior to 7:45 am.  We are having issues with students being dropped off in the back of the building prior to 7:45 am without supervision.  Our school day does not begin until 8:15 am, and our staff do not report for duty until 7:45 am daily.  Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    Required Vaccination

    All upcoming 7th grade students MUST receive the Tdap vaccination for the 2018-2019 school year.  Students will be required to present an updated immunization Form 121 as documentation of having received this vaccination.

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    Smart Track Passive Consent Form

    2018-19 Tutorial Schedule



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