Welcome to Mrs. Holder's Class!

  • Hi,  I am Mrs. Holder, your child's 5th grade ELA Teacher and I am excited about all the great things we learn all year long. 

    • Signed papers will go home on Monday and are required to be returned on Tuesdays.
    • Should you need to contact me, please email and I will do my best to respond as promptly as possible.
    • Check Active Parent for information regarding grades, discipline and attendance.
    • Our newsletter will contain homework and study guide information.
    • Planners should be a source of information at a classroom level. 

    Thank you!

     Vocabulary for Week of 01/21- 01/24/2020 (Test on Friday) 

    1. fate (noun) the things that happen to someone that are beyond his or her control
    2. fearless (adjective) not afraid of anything
    3. glimmer (verb) to shine with a light that is not very bright
    4. lingers (verb) slow to leave somewhere or something
    5. magnified (verb) made to look larger than it really is
    6. somber (adjective) a gloomy or serious attitude
    7. steed (noun) a horse, especially one used in war


    Scrib, script (Latin): to write  describe, manuscript

    Gram, graph (Greek): written/drawn  autograph, photograph, telegram


    Please return signed papers promptly. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 



    Please check the newsletter for information on our school and classroom activities this week.



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