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    Mrs. Holder's 5th Grade Class


    Welcome Back for our Second Semester!

    Jan 25-29, 2021: Vocabulary Words

    Suffixes: -cious, -ious, -ous, -tious, (possessing, full of, having)

    These are all adjectives:

    1. suspicious: having or showing distrust of someone or something

    2. precious: of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly

    3. vicious: cruel or violent

    4. mysterious: difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify

    5. famous: known about by many people

    6. cautious: careful to avoid problems or dangers

    7. anxious: experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness

    8. venomous:  secreting venom by means of a bite or sting

    9. momentous: of great importance

    10. delicious: highly pleasant to the taste




    I am Mrs. Holder, your child's 5th grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher and I am excited about all the great things we learn all year long. 

    • Signed papers will go home on Monday and are required to be returned on Tuesdays.
    • Should you need to contact me, please email and I will do my best to respond as promptly as possible. School Status is a way for me to text and call you from the School Status App.
    • Check Active Parent for information regarding grades, discipline and attendance.
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    • Planners should be a source of information at a classroom level. 

    I want to encourage students to always do your best, be kind and keep that Pirate Pride in all you do! Be on the lookout for new updates!


    Thank you! 

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