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    Mrs. Holder's 5th Grade Class


    Welcome Back for our Second Semester!

    April 12-23, 2021: Vocabulary Words

    VOCABULARY TEST on FRIDAY! 04/16 on Words 1-7

    1. Alevin- a newly hatched salmon with its yolk sac still attached.

    2. Embryo - the tiny living thing inside a fertilized egg.

    3. Environment - everything surrounding a living thing that affects

    the way it grows or develops.

    4. Eyed egg - a month-old egg at the stage when the embryo's large,

    dark eyes can be seen through the egg.

    5. Fish ladder - a series of pools arranged like steps so that a fish can

    jump up from one to the next.

    6. Fry - baby salmon that have used up their yolk sacs and are ready

    to find their own food.

    7. Gill - the organ that fish use for breathing.

    8. Hatch - coming forth from an egg.

    9. Plankton - tiny organisms that float or drift in the sea.

    10. Pollution - whatever poisons or destroys the cleanliness and purity

    of air, earth, or water.

    11. Redd - the hole (nest) in the bottom of a stream in which a female

    salmon lays her eggs.

    12. Smolt - young salmon that is ready to migrate to the ocean.

    13. Spawn - to lay eggs or fertilize them.

    14. Watershed - the drainage area around a stream or river.


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