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    Vocabulary Words: Week of Monday, October 5, 2020 - Thursday October 8, 2020

    1. invincible: unbeatable; too powerful to be beat

    2. sovereign: ruler

    3. explorer: someone who explores an unfamiliar area; an adventurer

    4. voyage: a long journey involving travel by sea or in space

    5. enterprise: a project; usually one that is difficult

    6. vast: a very great area

    7. wealthy: having a great deal of money

    8. portrait: a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person; especially of the face or head and shoulders

    9. Columbian Exchange: the widespread transfer of plants, animals, culture, human populations, technology, diseases, and ideas between the Americas, West Africa and the Old World during the 15th and 16th centuries

    10. coat-of-arms: hereditary symbols dating back to medieval Europe, used to establish identity in battle

    11. myth: a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining something natural

    12. Christopher Columbus: an Italian navigator and sailed for the Spanish and is known for discovering America

    13. route: a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination

    14. Bahamas: location where Christopher Columbus landed in the New Americas

    15. Tainos: people who lived on the land discovered by Christopher Columbus, and were killed and forced into slaves by Christopher Columbus’s people




    I am Mrs. Holder, your child's 5th grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher and I am excited about all the great things we learn all year long. 

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