• Welcome To Quest! 

    2019-2020 School Year 

    The Gifted Education Program in Mississippi defines intellectually gifted children as those children and youth who are found to have an exceptional high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process. 


    The Gifted Education Program is designed to meet the indivudal needs of gifted children. The gifted-education program enchances an individual student's experiences by utilizing: higher-level thinking skills, problem solving, critical thinking skills, research skills, personal growth and human relations experiences, leadership sills, and creative expression. 


    Student interest surveys and learning style inventories are given at the beginning of the school year. Student data is collected and used to design units and to explore the interests of students.  Below you will get a glimpse of how these outcomes are being addressed and what goes on in Quest! Happy Scrolling! 


    McClain Safari (Caring for Endangered/Exotic Animals/Habitats/Enclosures)

    Safari 1 Safari 2

    Safari 3


    Shopper's Day (Success Skills) 

    Shoppers Day


    K'Nex Octopus Ride Creative Expressions

    KNex Creation


    Solving the Germ Problem(How Germy is our School?-Creative Problem Solving) 

    Germ 1 Germ 2

    Reno Rep CPS


    Solving the Germ Problem Cont..(Creative Problem Solving)

    CPS CPS 2






    Socratic Circle (Trump's deicison on Iran Military Leader Qassim Suleimani) 

    Socratic Circle



    Longest Straw Team Challenge

    Longest Straw Longest Straw



    Ping Pong Ball Relay Race and Tower Building Team Challenges 

    Ping Pong Ball  Tower Building

    Tower Building 2 Tower Building 3




     Socratic Circle(Obesity)  and Candy Sort Team Challenge

     Socratic Circle  Candy Sort


    Tower of Two and  Marshmallow Pick Up Team Challenge

    Tower of Two   Marshmallow Pick Up




    Escape Rooms

    Escape Rooms Escape Rooms


    Using Trace Evidence to Solve Crimes (Forensic Science)

    Forensic Science Trace Evidence

    te te

    te te






      Walking Water and Career Exploration (Banking)                    

      Walking Water A Banker In Every Classroom



    Crime Scene Diorama

    Crime Scene Crime Scene



             Eiffel Tower and Cell Phone Flotation Device

    Eiffel Tower Cell Phone Flotation Device

    Creative Expression


    Stacking Encyclopedias Team Challenge


     Team Challenges Team Challenge 2