Why can’t you come further into my subdivision?

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School buses come in various sizes ranging from 25‐36 feet long, 20,000‐26,000 pounds, 12‐13 feet high and 6‐9 feet wide. The length is what limits the school bus to be maneuvered in cul‐de‐sacs and tight places. Smaller buses can turn in a shorter radius, while longer buses cannot maneuver the same circle without backing the bus. Residents sometimes park trucks, boats, and trailers on the streets. Children leave their bicycles, skateboards, and basketball backboards on the streets. Although our drivers are trained to be able to parallel park their buses, some sub‐divisions are not designed with school bus transportation in mind. Please know that we will design school bus routes to be safe and convenient to the majority of students within the limits of time and physics.