Message for Bus Riders and Their Parents

  • The Transportation Department of the Pearl Public School District has one purpose: to be the best provider of student transportation and related activities.  Specific rules and regulations were developed and are enforced in order to ensure the safety of students. It is important that each student realizes his or her role in helping to achieve this goal. Students must cooperate with the driver and obey all rules and regulations. Parents are encouraged to support the bus drivers in their efforts to perform their duties in a safe manner. Bus drivers are required to have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with two endorsements, as well as undergo a comprehensive training program of driving skills, and student management. The bus driver is required to successfully complete a physical, drug and alcohol test, and criminal background check. All drivers are required to participate in safety meetings and several training workshops each year.

    All buses are inspected daily by the driver and/or by transportation maintenance personnel. Once every 60 days the buses go through a 54-point inspection by transportation maintenance personnel. In addition, the Department of Motor Vehicles inspections are performed annually to certify it meets all safety regulations and laws relating to pupil transportation in the State of Mississippi.

    The Director of Transportation has the authority to change a bus stop that is determined to be unsafe. No maximum ride time is specified; however, bus runs are designed to minimize the length of the student's ride to and from school. Bus drivers have the authority to assign seats to maintain safety on their school bus. The Transportation Director and Principal will remove any student that is unruly and will not be allowed back on until parent contacts Transportation.

    We want an organization where we have an opportunity to contribute, learn, grow, and advance and where we are respected, treated fairly, listened to and involved. Above all, we want to share in the personal satisfaction that comes from team accomplishments and the professional rewards that come from doing an outstanding job.