PERS - Public Employees' Retirement System

  • The Public Employees' Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) serves the state of Mississippi by providing retirement benefits for individuals working in state agencies, public schools, community colleges, universities, and participating political subdivisions like cities and counties, and participation is mandatory, which means you are required to contribute a set percentage of your salary toward your retirement while you are employed in PERS-covered service. Additionally, your employer pays contributions to the plan so that, once you retire, you will receive monthly benefits for life. Furthermore, the money you contribute is tax-deferred until you begin receiving retirement benefits or unless you refund, which you may only do if you terminate employment from all PERS-covered employers. You cannot receive loans, partial refunds, or hardship withdrawals of your contributions.


    Forms (All forms listed below, once completed, must be returned to Donna Hughes at the Central Office.)

    PERS Membership Application Form - Form 1

    PERS Beneficiary Designation and Change of Beneficiary Form - Form 1B
    Beneficiary Designation, is available to amend your beneficiary listing, if applicable and permissible. 

    Change of Information - Form 1C
    Change of Information, is available to change your name, address, phone number, email address, marital status, and/or family information. 

    Member Refund Application - Form 5
    To refund or rollover your member contributions and interest, you must complete Form 5, Member Refund Application. PERS will issue your refund after final wages and contributions are posted to your account, but no later than 90 calendar days from the date of termination from covered employment or from the date of receipt of the properly completed form requesting the refund, whichever is later. If you are employed by more than one covered employer, the latest termination date will be used to determine the 90-day period. 

    Emergency Request to Waive Refund Waiting Period - Form 5W

    Pre-Application for Service Retirement Benefits - Form 9A
    Applying for service retirement is a two-phase process that provides you with individualized information needed to make an informed decision about your benefit option. To retire by your desired effective date of retirement, you should begin the application process at least three to six months prior to your desired effective date. All employment with any and all PERS-covered employers must be terminated before your effective date of retirement. If you make application and then decide not to retire, PERS simply requires submission of a written notice from you to rescind your application. 

    Advanced Application - Form 16
    Once you become eligible to retire, filing a Form 16, Advanced Application, allows you to pre-select any benefit option for which you are eligible and designate beneficiaries so that, should you die before you retire, benefits will be paid in accordance with your desires. Should you die before you retire with no Advanced Application on file, benefit payments would be based upon applicable law, not upon specific desires. Applicable law provides that monthly benefits will be paid only to your lawful spouse and/or dependent children. If you have no lawful spouse or dependent children, a lump sum refund (not monthly benefits) would be paid to any beneficiary you have on file with PERS. Elections made on the Advanced Application do not restrict options available to you at retirement. The option selection and beneficiary designation may be changed at any time prior to retirement by filing an updated Advanced Application. Your most recent Advanced Application will remain in effect until you either file another Advanced Application or you retire.