Federal Programs

  • Below is an overview of the federal programs administered in the Pearl Public School District.  These programs provide support to the district's overall instructional plan through the responsible and effective use of federal funds.  Our mission is to prepare each student to become a lifelong learner, achieve individual goals, and positively impact a global society. 


    Title I, Part A

    This program provides financial assistance through State educatioinal agencies (SEAs) to local educational agencies (LEAs) and public school with high numbers or percentages of disadvantaged children to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic content and studentacadmic achievemnt standards.The purpose for Title I, Part A is to provide our school district with supplemental resources to help improve instruction and to ensure that all children have the same opportunity to meet challenging academic standards.  The funds are used to supplement the instructional programand provide resources, activities, and employees Pre-K through Third Grade.


    Title II, Part A

    This program provides research-based, high-quality professional development activities.The purpose of Title II is to improve student academic achievement through effective professional learning opportunities to help ensure that all children are exposed to challenging state academic content and meet student academic achievement standards. Title II funds are utilized throughout the district to provide professional development traning resources for all the teachers and administration in the district.  


    Title III- English Learners 

    Title III funds are for ensuring that English Learners, including immigrant children and youth, master English and meet the same rigorous standards for academic achievement as all children are expected to meet, including meeting challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards by developing high-quality language instruction educational programs.  Title III funds funds are combined with local funds in order to provide a teacher for English Learner students, grades nine through twelve.


    Title IV- Student Support and Academic Enrichment

     The purpose of these funds is to coordinate efforts to have a healthy, drug-free environment that encourages academic achievement through healthyschool and safety programs as well as training for students and teachers on technical programs in education.



    Each program targets specific areas of need, and each program has guidelines for using funds.  Funds are used to supplement the curriculum and meet the needs to be addressed by a particular program.  Our website represents another effort of the school district to keep parents and the community informed.  We are always looking to improve.  We welcome and encourage your feedback.


    If you have any comments or concerns with the use of federal funds, please send your written responses to: 

             Federal Programs Director

             180 Mary Ann Drive

             Pearl, MS  39208