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Take advantage of our school district’s K-12 e-book Library through MackinVia!  Your student has access to over 1,000 e-books and audiobooks at no cost to you!

There are 3 ways to access PPSD’s MackinVia Digital Library:

  1. Your student may login to their Clever account and click on the MackinVia icon.
  2. You may go to and login there.
  3. You may download the MackinVia app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Login info:

  • You will first be asked for your School Name, which should appear in the dropdown box once you start typing it.
  • Students’ User ID is their e-mail address, which is their MSIS number (or lunch number), without any leading zeroes, followed by Example:
  • Students’ Password is their DOB, formatted as M/D/YYYY Example:  8/1/2005