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  • Dear PJHS Parents and Students:

    Welcome to Pearl Junior High School, a place where great things happen – young minds are challenged, friendships are formed, and excellence prevails. It is my privilege to lead PJHS in continuing this rich tradition, and I look forward to working with each of you.

    The essence of our mission at PJHS is best captured by the words of early childhood educator Carol Hillman:

    "A positive learning climate in school is a composite of many things. It is an attitude that respects children. It is a place where children receive guidance and encouragement from the responsible adults around them. It is an environment where children can experiment and try out new ideas without fear of failure. It is an atmosphere that builds children’s self-confidence as they dare to take risks. It is an environment that nurtures a love of learning.”

    We hope you will consider this description as our promise to you. Our students have only one chance at a quality education. With this in mind, our theme is Right Now, a message that coveys our sense of urgency with respect to making PJHS the very best it can be. Right Now represents our goal and moral imperative to provide all students with rigorous, quality learning experiences designed to prepare them socially, emotionally, and academically for the world that awaits, remembering always that to make a difference, we must make an impact…Right Now.

    Success is rarely a matter of luck; rather, it is more often the product of hard work, planning, and organization. The consistent support and encouragement of caring adults results in greater success for all students, especially those transitioning to and from the middle grades. Parents, please support your junior high student by taking an active role in his or her educational experiences. Joining the Pearl Junior High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) is a great way to get involved and to learn about the various programs and activities available to your child. Additionally, please view our school website regularly for important dates and deadlines and to sign up for ActiveParent, an on-line program that provides access to your child’s attendance, discipline, grades, and schedule.

    It is a privilege to serve the students of Pearl Junior High School, and, on behalf of our faculty and staff, we look forward to working together with you to make every day “a great day to be a Pirate.”


    Jessica A. Broome, Ph.D.

    Principal, Pearl Junior High School