Flip Flop and the BFFs

by Janice Levy Year Published: 2012

Week of April 20

Monday    Read Flip Flop and the BFFs  on ABDO digital learning on my webpage   AR Quiz # 147206

Tuesday    Retell the story using the words on a chart that you make on a piece of paper.  After you write the word somebody tell who was needing something in the story, after wanted write what that character need help with, after but tell what happened instead of what the character wanted to happen, and after so tell what finally happened at the end .

                Somebody - (who)

                Wanted- (problem)

                But- (what happened)

                So - (solution)

Wednesday  Draw a picture of Flip Flop and write as many words as you can that rhyme with frog.

Thursday   Make a paper plate frog. ( if you dont have a plate use any art supplies that you have. )