Balancing Bears Comparing Numbers

by Megan Atwood Year Published: 2012

Week of April 13

Monday    Read the book.  Ar quiz # 150217

Tuesday   Find these 5 words in the story.

               1. Symbol     2. omnivores    3. cub    4.cuddle    5. protective

               Use the glossary (page 24)  to find the meaning of these words.  Draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of each word.

                *cub is not in the glossary.

Wednesday    Make up your own math problems comparing numbers like the author did in the story.  Draw a picture to illustrate your problems.

Don't forget to use the right symbols in your problems.  <, >, and =

Thursday and Friday    Write your own book about comparing numbers.  Don't forget to illustrate each page.  Add a cover with the author's name, illustrator's name, and the title.  


Have a great week!  I miss you and can't wait to see each of you again.  Save your books and bring them to library when we return to school.