by Carey Molter Year Published: 2001

Week of April 6 -10

Read the book Zebras on the ABDO digital library site on my webpage.  Username and password are on the page.  Ar quiz # 55458

Monday   Read the book.

Tuesay   On Page 22, pick 3 of the nouns and write a rhyming word for each.  Pick 3 verbs and write a sentence about a zebra using those verbs.  Draw a picture to match one of your sentences. 

Wednesday   Make up 5 math problems using zebra and a draw a picture to show each.  Ex.  3 zebras  +  2 zebras  =  5  zebras  then draw a picture to match this problem.

Thursday and Friday    Make your own book about zebras.  Write the words and illustrate the sentences.  Don't for get the Cover, author's name and illustrator's name.