What can I expect on the screening day?

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Certified teachers screen all children at Pearl ECEC using the Brigance Early Childhood Screener for 4-Year-Olds.  This developmental screener provides a useful snapshot of a child’s development at a particular point in time.  The screener addresses the domains of Physical Development, Language Development, Academic Skill/Cognitive Development, and Self-help and Social-Emotional Skills.

On screening day, parents/guardians need to bring their child to the ECEC, along with the following documents:

  • Required proofs of residence.
  • Child’s certified birth certificate
  • Child’s social security card
  • Form 121 Immunization Form (or Form 122 Exemption Form)
  • A copy of legal custody papers (if the parent is divorced)
  • Guardianship documents (if the child is not living with parent)

The parent/guardian will check-in and provide the documents listed above.   While a certified teacher screens the child, the parent/guardian will stay in the lobby.  The screening takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.