I.  Purpose:

    The Pearl High School Dance Team, The Pirates' Crew, is an exciting dance team that performs at Pearl School athletic events, pep rallies, competitions, community events, as well as a number of special events. It is considered an important and vital component of the student activity program. The Pirates' Crew is composed of a select group of talented young ladies with a passion for school spirit who serve as ambassadors for the campus and the community. The purpose of the organization will be to work with the cheerleaders to encourage the athletic teams, to stimulate fans to support the high school, and to promote school spirit throughout the year through dance performance. Our program includes cardiovascular, strength, and dance technique practices. Being a member of this team requires hard work, discipline, dedication, and a cooperative attitude.


    II. Membership:

    Tryouts will be held in the second semester of each year to determine the team for the following year. The team will consist of Pearl School’s top dancers. A fee of $40.00 must be paid prior to the clinic in order to participate in the clinic and tryout.

    A.  Mock Clinic Information:

    Only those dancers that are registered to try out will be allowed in the gym during the mock tryout clinic. This will be strictly enforced.

    B.  Eligibility Requirements:

    1.  Eligibility for tryouts will be determined using the MHSAA REGULATIONS FOR ELIGILIBLITY. Grades will be continually checked at progress reports and report cards throughout the year to determine membership status.  Those members who fall below the required average of 70 in EACH subject will be placed on a probationary member status and will not be allowed to actively participate in any functions until the grades have been brought up or until the next academic evaluation (progress reports/report cards.) Once the probationary period ends, those dancers who have failed to bring their grades up to the required minimum will be dismissed from the team.  During that probationary period, dancers will be expected to attend all functions and dress in the appropriate attire. 

    2.  Candidates must have a satisfactory grade in conduct for the same period of time as required for grade average. (Teacher evaluations, which will be completed and returned prior to the mock clinic, will serve as a portion of the candidate’s final score.)

    3.  Candidates will not be eligible if THEY or THEIR PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S) have previously terminated their membership on the dance team for any reason.  This means you cannot quit the dance team and then tryout again the next year.  If a dancer is dismissed from the team as a disciplinary action, evidence must be provided, showing the undesirable behavior has been corrected in order for the dancer to be an eligible candidate in any future tryout process. If a member has been dismissed based on a negative attitude, negative reflection, or poor work ethic, the coach reserves the right to make the final decision on if that member should or should not be allowed to try out.

        C.  Skills to be demonstrated:

                            1.  toe touches  3.  kicks           5.  flexibility (ex. splits)   7.  posture        9.  fit body                    

    2.  leaps           4.  turns           6.  poise                       8.  rhythm         10. overall dance technique

                 D.  Selection Process:

    Dancers will perform the material learned from the website and complete a skills evaluation. The panel of experts will select the members of the dance team for the upcoming year by combining their scores from the tryout and teacher evaluation scores. All decisions are made by the judges and are final. Announcement of new members will be posted online at time after the auditions. Dancers may wear clothes of their choice for the tryout.  It is recommended that dancers wear clothing that is form fitting so that judges can see all movements. Generally, this includes black dance pants, dance tank, and jazz shoes.

                E.  Selection of Captain(s) and Co-Captain(s):

    The captain(s) and/or co-captain(s) will be a junior and/or senior voted by the team and coach based on work ethic, leadership, responsibility, and attitude. 


    III. Duties

                A.  Practices:

    1.  Those selected for the team are required to sign up to take dance as a class during the school year.  This class is when we do the majority of our work during the school year.  Dancers receive a grade for the class and credit toward graduation if they pass.  Both daily and major grades will be given in the class. 

    2.  All dancers will be expected to attend all practices called by the sponsor. Regular practices are two hours per day in the summer and during class time during the school year.  Some after school practices may be called, but every effort is made to keep these at a minimum.  Dancers are given a calendar of practices and events in advance, therefore, dancers and parents are expected to schedule other commitments around dance.

                            3.  All dancers will be expected to dress for practice in designated clothing and shoes.

    4.  Dancers are not allowed to talk or hold discussions during practice unless they have sought permission to do so.  Instead they are expected to remain quiet and listen to instruction!

    5.  All practices must be supervised by the sponsor/coach, assistant, or a designated school official.

    6.  All other general rules and regulations found in Section VII must be followed at all practices. Failure to do so could result in probation and/or dismissal from the team and failure of the class.

                B.  Summer Camp:

    The team will be attending a summer training camp. The dates and location of the camp will be determined immediately preceding or following tryouts. All dancers are expected to attend summer camp.

    C.  Regular Performances:

                            1.  Dancers will perform at all pep rallies.

                            2.  Dancers will perform at all football games.

                            3.  Dancers will perform at all assigned home basketball games.

                            4.  Dancers will perform at all special events (ex. appearances at other schools, musical, etc)

    5.  The general rules and regulations found in Section VII must be followed at all performances.  Failure to do so could result in dismissal from the team and failure of the class.

    If a dancer misses a pep rally, football game, basketball game, or special event, the dancers will be required to sit the next game/event in uniform on the sideline with the coach.

    D.  Fundraising:

                            Dancers will participate in all team fundraising activities.

                F.  Competition:

    The purpose of competition is to provide a place to recognize the efforts of the dancers. In the event that the team participates in competitive events, a “competition team” will be selected. *The Competition team along with alternates will be determined at tryouts, but spots are NOT finalized. Spots can be challenged for up to two weeks prior to competition

    • Challenge: A dancer may be “challenged” for their competition spot by an alternate for up to two weeks prior to competition. Both dancers will perform the routine(s) for the coach and dancers. The coach will then determine which dancer has won the challenge.
    • Once a dancer has challenged another, neither one can participate in another challenge for two weeks.

                E. Technique:

    The team will take dance technique each week and all team members are required to participate.  There is a monthly tuition fee that is the financial responsibility of each individual dancer.  That fee is in addition to the regular costs associated with membership on the team.  Failure to pay one month tuition fees and participate in technique will result in immediate dismissal from the team, but will still be required to pay the month they missed along with any overdraft fee. 

    IV.  Uniforms:

    A.   Individual dancers will pay the cost of uniforms. Payment for uniforms will be completed before summer camp.

    B.   Some articles/props, etc. will be the property of the dance team since they will be purchased through fundraisers. These will be issued to the dancer for the school year. These must be taken care of and returned. In the event that they are not returned, the dancer will be responsible for the cost of these items.

    C.   Tights are a MAJOR part of the uniform. A particular pair of tights has been selected for the team and it is the responsibility of the individual dancer and their parents to replace those as needed for runs or holes with that particular style and color.

    D.   Uniforms must be clean and neat whenever worn.

    E.   Uniforms must be worn properly AT ALL TIMES-no unzipped, unbuttoned, or untied garment

    F.   Dancers must replace a lost or missing piece of a uniform at their own expense.

    H.   Prior to start of a game, each individual dancer will be responsible for finding out which uniform will be worn. (This includes accessories, hairstyles, and any make up requirements.)

    I.    Arrive at performances fully prepared to perform for any kind of weather –have your raincoat and jackets.  We will look uniform at all times.  If one does not have their raincoat or coat, everyone will be wet or cold!

    J.    Jewelry may not be worn at any time during practices or performances unless it is an approved accessory to the uniform. (This includes earrings, belly button rings, studs in noses etc…)

    K.   Hair must be worn in a manner as to not interfere with the dance. This means out of the face!

    V.  Transportation:

    A.  Dancers must travel to away games on transportation provided by the school if and from away games on transportation provided by the school unless they are signed out prior to leaving the game.

                B.  Dancers must provide their own transportation to home games.


    * A dancer is always permitted to ride home with parents provided the sponsor/coach or principal is contacted by the parent at the game. No dancer will be given permission to ride home with another parent without prior knowledge being given to the sponsor/coach or principal by the parent over the phone and/or in writing prior to the activity.  Under no circumstances will a dancer be given permission to ride home with a minor or another student.



    VI.  Attendance:

    1. All dancers must follow the rules established by the sponsor/coach and principal concerning tardiness and absences from practice and games.

    1.  It is the responsibility of each individual dancer to inform the coach at least 48 hours in advance when they will be absent from practice, unless under emergency circumstances. Failure to give advance notice of an absence could result in removal from a performance.

    2.  Any dancer absent from the practice immediately preceding a performance will not be able to perform without prior consent of the sponsor/coach and principal.

    3.  Any extra activities, such as work, must not interfere with performances and practices.

    B.  A dancer cannot perform at a game if she is absent for two or more classes on the day of the game without permission granted by the principal.  It is the responsibility of the dancer to be mindful of this and notify the coach in advance if this should happen.

    C.  Absences will be ONLY excused for the following reasons: *

                1. serious illness in the family                 2.  death in the family               

                3. special permission of the principal obtained in advance

    * Official excuses or notes written and signed by a parent/guardian must accompany each of the above occurrences.

                D. All unexcused absences will result in a zero.

    E. The coach will determine how many tardies equal an absence and how many absences result in probation. F.Excessive tardiness/absences can result in dismissal from the team.

    VII.  Conduct:

    1. Dancers must abide by the rules set forth in the Pearl High School handbook.
    2. General Rules and Regulations:

    Noncompliance with any dance team rule will result in reductions from the grade they are given in dance, suspension from practices and performances and/or dismissal from the team.  This is left to the discretion of the coach and based on the number of occurrences or the severity of the infraction.

    1. MAINTAIN a 70 average in each subject area throughout the year.  Failure to do so will result in probation and possible dismissal from the team as mentioned in the policy earlier.
    2. ALL practices, camps and clinics, technique classes, performances, fundraisers, and competitions are mandatory and will be worth a portion of their grade in dance.  Dancers are expected to give the coach ADVANCE notice of all absences.
    3. Dancers are required to practice/perform to their full potential (aka FULL OUT) for the DURATION of EVERY practice/performance. This means NO MARKING! (turns, leaps/jumps and facial expression, etc.).  If a dancer is unable to perform 100% at practices (due to illness/injury), it is up to the discretion of the coach/sponsor whether or not the dancer will be allowed to participate in any performances during that same week.
    4. All dance functions other than performances are closed to the public and individuals not part of the program. Anyone else in attendance must be approved in advance by the coach. This includes camp!
    5. Dancers are expected to arrive on time and to stay until the end.  Failure to do so will negatively affect their grade in dance. It is suggested that dancers always arrive 5 minutes early!
    6. Proper attire is required AT ALL TIMES.  Refer to Sections III and IV for specific rules.  Failure to dress appropriately will negatively affect their grade in dance.
    7. Chewing gum and eating will not be allowed.
    8. Unnecessary and excessive talking is not allowed.
    9. Use of cell-phones is not allowed. Further they must be turned off.
    10. Showing disrespect for the coach, teammates, or anyone who is facilitating a practice, performance, or meeting (i.e. all argumentative behavior such as talking back or rolling eyes) can negatively impact their grade.
    11. Dancers are expected to work as a team. And, dancers are expected to work with other school teams and organizations (i.e. the cheerleaders and the girls basketball team).  If a personal relationship creates a conflict of interest, causes conflict in the program, interrupts the work/goals of the parties involved or other dancers, or causes a negative practice/performance environment, one or both parties may be asked to resign from the team.
    12. Team members are to remain in FULL uniform that is worn properly at awards ceremonies.
    13. Practicing routines/material “on the sidelines” is not permitted.
    14. When dancers are not performing “on the sidelines,” they are expected to stand “at attention” with feet shoulder width apart with hands/poms behind the back and smiling or as otherwise directed by the coach.
    15. Dancers are not allowed to talk “on the sidelines.” They must do so in a conscientious manner, always respectful of the game, players, officials, etc.
    16. Insufficient knowledge of performance material will result in suspension from performance.
    17. Represent the team AT ALL TIMES. Dance team members are subject to scrutiny and can easily be the object of criticism for their behavior and actions. Remember that our performances are only a small reflection of our team, while the manner in which we conduct ourselves is a larger reflection of our commitment, discipline, and image. Any actions that compromise the image, reputation, or goals of the Pearl Public Schools dance program are subject to immediate dismissal from the team. This includes all forms of profane or inappropriate conduct in school, at school functions, or outside of school.
    18. Dancers are not allowed to display any jewelry, piercings or tattoos at any time. 
    19. Every effort will be made to work with any other extracurricular activity that you participate in, but if your extracurricular coach/sponsor refuses to work with our mandatory practices and performances/competitions, you will have to choose which activity you will continue.
    20. Letting someone who is not a member of the team borrow any equipment/uniform without the dance team coach’s approval is not allowed.
    21. Dancers are expected to refrain from wearing any propaganda for other schools since they are spirit ambassadors for Pearl Public Schools.
    22. Dancers who are no longer active members of the team for whatever reason (i.e. dismissal or voluntarily quit) are expected to refrain from wearing dance team attire. This of course does not include those dancers who have successfully completed the program and graduated from high school.
    23. Grading for each practice and performance will be determined using the following rubric:

    Attendance…………………………………25 pts

    Participation………………………………..25 pts

    Attire………………………………………...25 pts.

    Positive Attitude/Cooperation with coach and teammates……………………………25 pts.

    *Weekly averages below a 70 will result in a dancer not being allowed to perform at the next upcoming performance.

    *Any missed practices or performances will result in a zero unless approved under section VI


    1. Make sure your dancer arrives on time, is wearing appropriate attire, and has all necessary items.
    2. Be supportive of the coach, allowing them to give any instruction, feedback, or consequences to the team.
    3. Make a point to offer your help or ask if there is anything you can do to benefit the dance team. 
    4. If there is a need for a conference with the coach, make an appointment to meet with them.  No phone calls or texts will be answered after work hours by the coach except for when the dancers are under the supervision of the coach.
    5. Non-participation regarding practices and performances/competitions ARE NOT to be used as punishment for your child’s actions outside of dance. You will not only punish your child, but every other child and parent on the team.
    6. Parents are not allowed to speak to competition officials for any reason. All questions or concerns must go through the coach of the team.


    1. Harassment The term “harassment” includes but is not limited to repeated, unwelcome and offensive slurs, jokes, or other verbal graphic or physical conduct relating to an individual’s race, color, religion, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age or handicap/disability which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

    2.  Ethnic Harassment includes the use of any derogatory word, phrase, or action characterizing a given racial or ethnic group that creates an offensive educational environment.

    3. Sexual Harassment shall consist of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other inappropriate verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

    4. Bullying includes cyber bullying. Bullying is defined as any comments, gestures, or actions to other persons and property that are designated to intimidate, frighten, or to gain power over other students. A bullying situation occurs when one student repeatedly makes comments, gestures and acts to maintain perceived power over another student.

    5. Cyber bullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassing, teasing, humiliating, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another student or staff member by way of any technological tool, such as sending or posting inappropriate or derogatory email messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures or images, or website postings (including blogs) which has the effect of:

    a. Physically, emotionally or mentally harming a student;

    b. Placing a student in reasonable fear of physical, emotional or mental harm;

    6. Bullying shall mean an intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act or series of acts:

      1. Directed at another student or students
      2. Occurs in a school setting
      3. That is severe, persistent or pervasive
      4. That has the effect of doing any of the following:

    i.      Substantially interfering with a student’s education;

    ii.     Creating a threatening environment; or,

    iii.    Substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.



                C.  Reasons for probation, suspension, or dismissal from the team:

    1.  Failure to comply with the rules in Pearl High School’s student handbook

    2.  Failure to comply with the rules in this “Pirates’ Crew” Dance Team Constitution

    3.  Dropping below the required grade average for selection

    4.  Excessive Unexcused absences

    5.  In School Suspension

    6.  Out of School Suspension from school

    7.  Use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

    8.  Conviction of a crime (Automatic Dismissal)

    9.  Failure to comply with the sponsor/coach

    10. Failure to comply with ANY handbook rules while on probation (Automatic Dismissal)

    11. Zero tolerance for any bullying, harassing, hazing via text, social media, verbal, or physical contact. (Administrative Decision)

    *The coach reserves the right to dismiss a member for any reason(s) he/she feels is a disturbance or negative reflection on the team. Should a dancer hinder the team in any way (negative attitude, unwillingness to cooperate, rude, disrespectful, etc) the coach may dismiss the member from the team.


    VIII.  Cost:

    The estimated cost for participation in the Pearl High School Dance Team will be up to approximately $1,800. This includes camp, camp clothes, shoes, bag, uniforms, and warm-up suit.


    IX. Acceptance:

    I have read and understand the above policies for participation on the Pearl High School Dance Team, and I accept them as governing my participation. I will assume any and all payments for the estimated cost for participation and all camp fees. If for any reason my child does not continue or is dismissed from the squad, I understand that I am still responsible for the payment and will not be provided any type of refund.