Online sites

  • BrainPopJr.-Free-Create an account. They have online testing after watching a short video on a variety of subjects.


    Freckle Math-Free-I created an online account earlier in the year. Google Freckle Math student dashboard. 


    IReady Math and Reading-Free-Google IReady student log in. Students log in using their lunch number and the password       

                                                   learn.  They should do IReady about 20 minutes daily.


    Storyonline-Free-Actors read stories aloud.


    Readworks-Free-Google Readworks.-Create an account. This has reading passages and comprehension questions.


    Scholastic News-Free-Google Scholastic News 2.  Log in as student using password-pearl2nd. This is exactly like the ones we do at school and they can answer the questions.