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Thank you for supporting Pearl Upper Elementary!

Thank you for your participation in A Community Thrives! Grant sponsored by the USA Today Network. Although Pearl Upper Elementary was not awarded a grant, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation in this effort.

The following are the winners for this year.

Arts & Culture:

Promise in Brevard Creative Arts Center - $100,000

Garden Artist-in-Residence Program - $50,000

Art at the Crossroads - $50,000


Kopernik Science Park - $100,000

Rise Above - $50,000

The Floating Classroom – New Jersey - $50,000


IU Dental Students Building Better Smiles - $100,000

Mary’s Magical Place All-Inclusive Playground - $50,000

Atwater Beach, a new, vibrant beach setting along the Detroit River - $50,000