About Me

  • My name is Ms. Lucas and this is my site.  I teach Information Communication Technology II (ICT II) and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), both courses are taught online through Canvas. Please have a look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. See you in class!

    How to Log Into Canvas:

    1. Go to https://mde.instructure.com(Never Google Canvas!)
    2. Enter their username and password.

    Their username is the NINE DIGIT MSIS number. You MUST ADD ZEROS to make their MSIS number NINE digits.

    Their password is the first 2 letters of their FIRST NAME and their LAST NAME in all lower-case letters followed by the last four-digits of their MSIS number (ie. pelucas1234)

    Students with apostrophes after the first letter of their first name will have the second letter omitted (plucas####). Students with suffixes in their last name or multiple last names will have their whole last name included in their password (florianlucasjr####).

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