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    My philosophy is that coaching is developing the whole person, therefore, I will do my best to ensure we meet individual and team goals.

    General Basketball Philosophy

    • As coaches, we will see our position as a lifestyle, not as a job. As John Wooden says, "Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life."
    • We will seek to develop our players so that they have every opportunity to reach their potential as a basketball player.
    • We will be in much better condition than any opponent that we will face all season.
    • All players will be treated fairly with respect and dignity.
    • We will play with a great deal of enthusiasm.
    • I will have an "open-door" policy toward my players.
    • We will be successful on the court as a direct result of playing as a complete unit.
    • It will be emphasized that toughness of character will make you successful in life.
    • Practices will be organized and structured, allowing for optimal efficiency.
    • The total program will be organized and structured.
    • Our program will be disciplined (this will be defined as "doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as we can possibly do it, while doing it that way all the time.")
    • We will not let what we cannot do interfere with what we can do.
    • Everyone in the entire program will represent Pearl Lady Pirates Basketball, the Lady Pirate basketball program and themselves in a first-class manner.
    • Basketball fundamentals will be emphasized each day at practice.
    • The coaching staff will work hard at scouting our opponents. However, we will keep it simple with our players. We will emphasize what we do and executing it to perfection.
    • We will do all within our power to help each Lady Pirate player achieve their fullest potential as a student, a woman, and an athlete.
    • No one will outwork us, as coaches, in the identification and recruitment of top-notch student-athletes.
    • Recruit the best possible and most talented student-athletes regardless of size or position
    • General Principles that will be emphasized regardless of the specific personnel or makeup of the team are:
      • Team and collective effort
      • Solid rebounding
      • Hard work On the Court and Classroom
      • Mental toughness
      • Discipline
      • Trust in one another


    Defensive Philosophy

    DEFENSE and REBOUNDING wins CHAMPIONSHIPS! This phrase may be thrown around as cliché but I have personally seen its' truth. At all levels of basketball, it is commonplace for the championship-caliber teams to hold opponents' field goal shooting percentages way down and have high rebounding margins. Making good shots hard to come by and then limiting the opponent to only one shot. That is the mark of a championship team. Therefore, hard work, particularly on the defensive end, must be our team's cornerstone. It will be the program's bread and butter. As potent as we'd like our offense to be, our defense must be the catalyst for success. Our players will play tremendously hard while on defense or they will not play. It is that simple. An individual putting forth effort that is anything but her best will result in problems for the rest of the team. Our defense will work because of hard work, fundamentals, and knowledge. This knowledge will come from each player knowing exactly what we want in each defensive set and how to go about achieving it. An average or below-average defense is usually the result of either (1) lackadaisical play or (2) a lack of knowledge on the defending of a particular play. We will experience success because we play defense. It is commonly said that "Effort never has an off-day". I have found this axiom to be true. Offenses may have off nights when it comes to shooting, but the defensive effort demonstrated should always be at a consistent level. The more that our team's defense is consistent; the team will win more than it loses, even if we have only average offensive talent. Defense is the one thing that can be a constant each and every game. The specific type of defense or the "defensive plays" utilized will be based upon the personnel and situations that are present.

    This is my site. Please have a look around.
    Looking forward to seeing accelerated success on the court and in the classroom!

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  • Coach DeLoach LaTanya DeLoach is the head girls' basketball coach and physical education teacher at Pearl Junior High School. GO PIRATES!