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    Welcome, parents and students. Today, as every day, is a great day to be a Pirate! My theme for this school year is "Choose to Succeed." Students, that means that YOU are going to set goals and reach them. I'll be your guide, and we are going to do what it takes for you to beat your own personal best.

    Parents, please check the Active Parent site for homework, tests, and upcoming projects so that you may help your student reach his or her goals. The site will be updated at least once a week.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email me from the link on this site or on Active Parent. I may also be reached by telephone at school. The number is 601-932-7952.

    Thank you!

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About Me

  • Image I am blessed to be a teacher at Pearl Junior High School. Coming to teach in Pearl was like coming home, in a sense, because I attended Northside Elementary as a child, and my mother worked as a speech pathologist there. This is my twelfth year as a teacher in this district, and it is my 15th year teaching.

    I grew up in the Jackson area and attended college at Millsaps College in Jackson. I graduated in 1998 with a double major in English and Education.

    I have lived and worked in Texas and Alabama, but Mississippi is my home, and all of the people I love are here. I have a wonderful mother, father, and a twenty-four year old sister who was born when I was in college. She helps me stay up on the latest trends now that I am getting to be so old!

    I am married to a great guy, and we have a six-year-old son and a soon to be two-year-old daughter. I love them more than I ever thought possible! I also have two stepdaughters. One is a United States Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan. She and her husband have a son that is three months older than mine. I was officially a grandma before I was a mom! The other is currently working in finance, but she is also a talented artist. I also have two dogs named Dixie and Guinness, my first babies.

    Before I became a mommy, I enjoyed reading, writing, walking, shopping (when I could afford it) and cooking. These days, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my children. Reading is now reading to them, walking is now sprinting after the six-year-old wild man, and shopping is for their toys and clothing! I wouldn't change a thing.

    Finally, even though my students don't always think so, I really enjoy teaching seventh graders. I get to be there at a time when most of them are really figuring out who they are and who they want to become. It's great to see them grow!