Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Barnett & Mrs. Traweek

  • Mrs. Barnett and Mrs. Traweek

    March 2 – March 6, 2020



    In math class this week, we will continue to learn about area and perimeter of rectangles.  Also, students will take their Math CASE test on Wednesday, March 4th

    Monday- No homework

    Tuesday- No homework

    Wednesday- Ready workbook pages 285 and 286

    Thursday – Ready workbook pages 287 and 288


    Language Arts:




    Monday- Reading Worksheet


    Tuesday- Read AR


    Thursday- Read AR




    In science this week, students will continue to learn about electricity. 


    AR goal is due March 6th for a major grade.

    Social Studies


    Civil War


    One in-class grade will be taken.


    Important Dates


    March 4- Math Case Testing


    March 5- We will be collecting dollar donations for the American Heart Association.  Students who donate at least one dollar will be able to wear jeans on March 5th.


    March 6- Spring Pictures- Students may wear dressy attire that is appropriate for school.  Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be longer than fingertips.  Please no spaghetti straps or tight-fitting clothing. 


    March 6- Memphis Chaperones need to send a copy of his/her driver’s license by this date for identification purposes.


    March 9-13- Spring Break


    March 19- Report Cards go home


    April 3- Memphis Field Trip




    3rd 9 Weeks Goals


    Students must meet 4 out of the 5 goals to participate in the Goal Party.


    ·         Discipline - No Bus Discipline or ODRs

    ·         Tardies - No more than 2 tardies during the 3rd 9 weeks

    ·         Reading – Meet the AR goal for the 3rd 9 weeks

    ·         ELA Case 3 – Score a 4 or 5 or make at least one level of growth

    ·         Math Case 3 – Score a 4 or 5 or make at least one level of growth



    Memphis Behavior Charts:


    Students must have good behavior to attend (20 X’s = NO TRIP and NO refund!), so please encourage your child to do his or her BEST!  Please look below for the guidelines regarding the Memphis X’s on our behavior chart.


    Card moved to yellow = /

    Card moved to orange = X

    Card moved to red = X /

    Card moved to purple = X X

    Receiving In-School Suspension = X X

    Receiving Out of School Suspension = X X X

    Receiving a bus suspension = X

    No homework = /